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Coronavirus (Live Daily Numbers) (Updated Every Morning)

This page brings you the facts on the number of people infected and the number of deaths up-to the latest date.
All numbers have been recorded and stored here since 2/1/2020. Bookmark this page and check back everyday, after 10am, to see the progression.

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Start to current - here's the entire progression of the Evelyn Boswell Amber Alert case.
If this story has you confused this will clear everything up and get you updated on the current status of the case.
This fascinating and heartbreaking story has it all... rural America, gypsies, drugs, poverty, desperation, lies, money, betrayal, romance and more.
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The War on Mail-In Voters

Making voting safe and convenient is not high on the Republican policy list. In-fact destroying incentive to vote and making the system discouraging is what the Republican Party is all about. 


The US Postal Service is in chaos and it's all a result of Trump's appointed one-man wrecking ball - Louis DeJoy. Who is this guy and what is his agenda? Find out here

Are Democrats Serious? The 2020 US Senate Elections

With 35 Senate seats up for grabs things are getting serious and Republicans are fearing losing all control of their once-monopolized US Congress.
Here's everything the Democratic Party needs to do to win control of the Senate. Click Here...

Technology and Tomorrow’s Job Market

How technology is changing the job market, while eliminating many jobs and entire industries while increasing the demand of their own industries. If anyone ever told you that the future of everything is in technology they weren't lying to you. Is your job next? (Read More Here)

The Russian Collusion Investigation A to Z

We saw a need to clear it all up and connect the dots, so that's what we're going to do.
Many American citizens have concerns and questions on Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian Collusion and the manipulation of American voters during the 2016 election season.
Fact-based news should not be a "hit or miss" proposition. It should be shared by all and confusion should be eliminated.
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The Wealthiest Families On Planet Earth

The top-10 wealthiest families on the planet. Who are they, what do they do and how much is enough? From oil to chocolate to retail and banking - these are the richest and most powerful people in existence. (Read more here)

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