US House Flip-Flops on Ethics

Secret, closed-door meeting to dismantle the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) backfires on Republicans.

A day before the 115th Congress was to be sworn-in members of the House of Representatives met and voted to  do-away with a congressional watchdog group whose job is to bring more accountability and more transparency to the US House.  They were met by a firestorm of resistance from both Democrats and Republicans.

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Blue-State Vacation Guide

Call for Democratic Action - Here's something you can do to support your brothers and sisters in blue states, while disrupting the economies of states who chose to side with racism, bigotry, sexism and hate.

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Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary

Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary in Petros, TN was built in 1896 as a plan to utilize free prison labor to work the coal mines. What was once the home of James Earl Ray was vacated in 2009 and remains a deserted source of fascination for all who dare to go near it. Read More Here...

LIVE Presidential election Results

Get you live election results here. We're focusing on the 14 key states and will give you up-to-the-second updates as they're reported.

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States to Watch Closely on Nov 8

The BIG 14

 These are the states that are either dead-even or have one candidate has a very slight lead. Read More Here...

A Newbie's Guide to Politics - Presidential Race

This article is one part of a long series on the US political process - from the presidential election, through your state offices and right through your local offices; Who does what? What's the difference? What does it all mean? The elections. Does my vote matter? Read more here...


Taking Back DC

What would the Democratic Party have to do to regain US Senate control and get Hillary Clinton's presidency off to a smooth start?

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Donald J Trump IS The Republican Party


Donald Trump exposes himself and the Republican Party in a collection of quotes that prove he is worthy of representing the most vicious, racist, sexist and violent political party in US history.
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Racism in America, Black Lives Matter, Killer-Cops, Cop-Killers & American Ignorance


People say they want to end racism but how many actually do? How many are unknowingly contributing to racism continuing to thrive in America? How many of these people are actually justifying racism on a daily-basis?

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The Root of Human Violence


The American violence-rate is increasing drastically and the reason could be no further than your nearest mirror. Written by John M Disque, in coop with CNN, Huffington Post, Psychology Today and American Psychological Association. Is spanking your children wrong?

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Fox's Trump-Lynching Fails


As Trump's support has continued to grow, the "powers that be" want him stopped, or at-least knocked down to a reachable level.  All eyes were on Rubio, Bush and Rand Paul but no one expected it would be Fox-themselves...

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Planned Parenthood Could Lose All Federal Funding

WARNING - the graphics in this article, along with one of the videos, are disturbing and depict the procedure and results of abortion.


This is a news article explaining the current events regarding our national politicians in Washington DC, and is meant to inform the readers on what's taking place with their tax money.

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Hillary Clinton's Economic Platform


Even setting aside Mrs. Clinton's vast experience in global and national politics, there's very valid reasons she's leading all polls and has more support than any other candidate. You're about to read just one of these reasons.

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The Confederate Flag In All Its Fading Glory

How many times must America win this war?


Big changes are being made in a dozen southern states. The 150-year-old debate regarding state-promotion and the heartless use of taxpayer property is concluding with the removal of the Confederate flag.

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The Truth About Hillary Clinton


Get the facts about Clinton's time as Secretary of State and member of the US Senate. Eye-opening to say the least: We cut through all the hearsay and hype to expose the truth about America's leading presidential candidate.

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300,000 Americans Have Had ENOUGH!!


War, Partisan Games, Childish Politics, Lack of Justice, American Ignorance We are at the turning point.

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Abortion, A Father's Rights and The Law


John M Disque takes us on an emotional journey that leaves the law lost and mumbling, is getting global attention and will leave you breathless.

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