We all have questions and we all deserve facts. Welcome to the BCB.



The idea came from a discussion with Doug Bounds, David Lamb, Howard Bangs and John Disque, about some of the internet scams and how the industry needs to do a better job of reaching the many new people entering the crypto-market and asking questions about the numerous coins, people and businesses.


It's a void that has long been unfilled: there's too many scams and too many traps a naive new person can fall into and a large percentage of them do.


On Friday, 12/22/2017 Doug Bounds stated, "I think Crypto needs something like 'Underwriter's Laboratories ' that becomes a standard for solid information and research."


The idea progressed rapidly and minutes later.... The Better Crypto Bureau - BCB was born.


An unbiased and open information source in the style of Wikipedia, updated daily by the most trusted names on the internet; every coin, every top personality, every exchange and every company involved with the industry will be listed and detailed for all to see.


If it's done right..., self-regulation works, and in an unregulated market it's the only logical answer.



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